Mija Dining Tables

Accompanying the Mija Beds are the Mija Dining Tables, also made of 10mm acrylic this product serves to remove feeding bowls from the floor, benefiting both you the home owner and more importantly your pet.

The dining tables cradle two custom-made, machine washable bowls. These heavy weight, mirror polished, stainless steel WOWBOW bowls will continue to keep their lustre for years to come.

At the appropriate height, these tables will help aid the following:

  • Alleviate strain on your pet’s forearms, joints and muscles.
  • Aid better digestion. Food moves from mouth to stomach smoothly.
  • Helps to prevent the gulping down of food. Dogs in particular will usually eat at a slower pace from the tables and as a result ingest less air by eating at the correct elevation, greatly decreasing any chance of Canine Bloat (Gastric Dilation or GDV), the second biggest killer of dogs after cancer.
  • And on a lighter note... Who wants to eat their dinner with their bum in the air?

Mija table range is available in 5 sizes:

X-Small           W37 x D16 x H6 cm
Small               W46 x D20 x H12 cm
Medium           W56 x D25 x H18 cm
Large              W64 x D25 x H24 cm
X-Large          W64 x D25 x H30 cm

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Mija Dining Tables